Welcome to the Docker Documentation

  • Docker for Mac

    Docker for Mac

    A native application using the OS X sandbox security model which delivers all Docker tools to your Mac.

  • Docker for Windows

    Docker for Windows

    A native Windows application which delivers all Docker tools to your Windows computer.

  • Docker for Linux

    Docker for Linux

    Install Docker on a computer which already has a Linux distribution installed.

  • Docker Engine

    Docker Engine

    Create Docker images and run Docker containers.

    As of v1.12.0-rc1, Engine includes swarm mode container orchestration features.

  • Docker Compose

    Docker Compose

    Defines applications built using multiple containers.

  • Docker Hub

    Docker Hub

    A hosted registry service for managing and building images.

  • Docker Cloud

    Docker Cloud

    A hosted service for building, testing, and deploying Docker images to your hosts.

  • Docker Trusted Registry

    Docker Trusted Registry

    (DTR) stores and signs your images.

  • Docker Universal Control Plane

    Docker Universal Control Plane

    (UCP) Manage a cluster of on-premises Docker hosts as if they were a single machines.

  • Docker Machine

    Docker Machine

    Automate container provisioning on your network or in the cloud. Available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.