Advisory: This site contains documentation for the v1.12 release candidate version of Docker Engine. For the Docker Engine v1.11 docs, see Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are currently in Beta.


Usage:  docker port CONTAINER [PRIVATE_PORT[/PROTO]]

List port mappings or a specific mapping for the container

      --help   Print usage

You can find out all the ports mapped by not specifying a PRIVATE_PORT, or just a specific mapping:

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                            NAMES
b650456536c7        busybox:latest      top                 54 minutes ago      Up 54 minutes>9876/tcp,>7890/tcp   test
$ docker port test
7890/tcp ->
9876/tcp ->
$ docker port test 7890/tcp
$ docker port test 7890/udp
2014/06/24 11:53:36 Error: No public port '7890/udp' published for test
$ docker port test 7890