Advisory: This site contains documentation for the v1.12 release candidate version of Docker Engine. For the Docker Engine v1.11 docs, see Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are currently in Beta.

service update

Usage:  docker service update [OPTIONS] SERVICE

Update a service

      --args string                    Service command args
      --constraint-add value           Add or update placement constraints (default [])
      --constraint-rm value            Remove a constraint (default [])
      --container-label-add value      Add or update container labels (default [])
      --container-label-rm value       Remove a container label by its key (default [])
      --endpoint-mode string           Endpoint mode (vip or dnsrr)
      --env-add value                  Add or update environment variables (default [])
      --env-rm value                   Remove an environment variable (default [])
      --help                           Print usage
      --image string                   Service image tag
      --label-add value                Add or update service labels (default [])
      --label-rm value                 Remove a label by its key (default [])
      --limit-cpu value                Limit CPUs (default 0.000)
      --limit-memory value             Limit Memory (default 0 B)
      --log-driver string              Logging driver for service
      --log-opt value                  Logging driver options (default [])
      --mount-add value                Add or update a mount on a service
      --mount-rm value                 Remove a mount by its target path (default [])
      --name string                    Service name
      --network-add value              Add or update network attachments (default [])
      --network-rm value               Remove a network by name (default [])
      --publish-add value              Add or update a published port (default [])
      --publish-rm value               Remove a published port by its target port (default [])
      --replicas value                 Number of tasks (default none)
      --reserve-cpu value              Reserve CPUs (default 0.000)
      --reserve-memory value           Reserve Memory (default 0 B)
      --restart-condition string       Restart when condition is met (none, on-failure, or any)
      --restart-delay value            Delay between restart attempts (default none)
      --restart-max-attempts value     Maximum number of restarts before giving up (default none)
      --restart-window value           Window used to evaluate the restart policy (default none)
      --stop-grace-period value        Time to wait before force killing a container (default none)
      --update-delay duration          Delay between updates
      --update-failure-action string   Action on update failure (pause|continue) (default "pause")
      --update-parallelism uint        Maximum number of tasks updated simultaneously (0 to update all at once) (default 1)
  -u, --user string                    Username or UID
      --with-registry-auth             Send registry authentication details to Swarm agents
  -w, --workdir string                 Working directory inside the container

Updates a service as described by the specified parameters. This command has to be run targeting a manager node. The parameters are the same as docker service create. Please look at the description there for further information.


Update a service

$ docker service update --limit-cpu 2 redis