Advisory: This site contains documentation for the v1.12 release candidate version of Docker Engine. For the Docker Engine v1.11 docs, see Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are currently in Beta.

Deploying Notary Server with Compose

The easiest way to deploy Notary Server is by using Docker Compose. To follow the procedure on this page, you must have already installed Docker Compose.

  1. Clone the Notary repository

    git clone
  2. Build and start Notary Server with the sample certificates.

    docker-compose up -d

    For more detailed documentation about how to deploy Notary Server see the instructions to run a Notary service as well as for more information.

  3. Make sure that your Docker or Notary client trusts Notary Server’s certificate before you try to interact with the Notary server.

See the instructions for Docker or for Notary depending on which one you are using.

If you want to use Notary in production

Please check back here for instructions after Notary Server has an official stable release. To get a head start on deploying Notary in production see