Advisory: This site contains documentation for the v1.12 release candidate version of Docker Engine. For the Docker Engine v1.11 docs, see Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are currently in Beta.

Delete the service running on the swarm

The remaining steps in the tutorial don’t use the helloworld service, so now you can delete the service from the swarm.

  1. If you haven’t already, open a terminal and ssh into the machine where you run your manager node. For example, the tutorial uses a machine named manager1.

  2. Run docker service remove helloworld to remove the helloworld service.

    $ docker service rm helloworld
  3. Run docker service inspect <SERVICE-ID> to verify that the swarm manager removed the service. The CLI returns a message that the service is not found:

    $ docker service inspect helloworld
    Error: no such service or task: helloworld

What’s next?

In the next step of the tutorial, you set up a new service and apply a rolling update.