Migrate Docker Toolbox

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This page explains how to migrate your Docker Toolbox disk image, or images if you have them, to Docker Desktop for Windows.

How to migrate Docker Toolbox disk images to Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop does not propose Toolbox image migration as part of its installer since version 18.01.0. You can migrate existing Docker Toolbox images with the steps described below.

In a terminal, while running Toolbox, use docker commit to create an image snapshot from a container, for each container you wish to preserve:

> docker commit nginx

Next, export each of these images (and any other images you wish to keep):

> docker save -o nginx.tar sha256:1bc0ee792d144f0f9a1b926b862dc88b0206364b0931be700a313111025df022

Next, when running Docker Desktop on Windows, reload all these images:

> docker load -i nginx.tar
Loaded image ID: sha256:1bc0ee792d144f0f9a1b926b862dc88b0206364b0931be700a313111025df022

Note these steps will not migrate any docker volume contents: these must be copied across manually.

How to uninstall Docker Toolbox

Whether or not you migrate your Docker Toolbox images, you may decide to uninstall it. For details on how to perform a clean uninstall of Toolbox, see How to uninstall Toolbox.

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